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Hope Technology began life in the late 1980’s as a subcontract machining business making tools and fixtures for the many local aerospace companies. In 1989 they began making disc brakes for the newly developed mountain bikes. Initially for the personal use of the owners Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp but they quickly realised these brakes could be sold as a product in their own right.Since disc brakes were such a novel idea on a bicycle they decided to begin manufacturing other more common bicycle products, the first of these being a front hub. These began selling through retailers in the UK and interest was also shown in many countries around the world.
Over the subsequent years many more products were added to the range and in 2000 the decision was made to stop all subcontract work and concentrate purely on bicycle products.Hope now manufactures almost every part for a bicycle including hubs, brakes, headset, stems, bottom brackets and lights. The only major part left to develop is the actual frame, which may be happening in the not too distant future. All parts are proudly manufactured in Hope’s Barnoldswick factory which is a true state of the art facility. They have almost 100 staff operating the factory 24-7, running the 55 CNC machines, anodising the individual components and hand assembling the finished parts. Manufacturing all products on site gives Hope total control on quality and delivery schedules.Hope exports around 50% of its production to over 40 countries. They deal directly with retailers in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands (employing French and German speaking staff), then have distributors in many other countries. Their components have an excellent international reputation for both quality and reliability. They are generally fitted by enthusiasts looking to upgrade their bikes to the highest levels and are supplied through specialist retailers. 

Stans Logo
It all started in 2001, when a rider named Stan Koziatek had an idea. Frustrated with punctured inner tubes and believing mountain bike tires could perform better without them, Stan developed a way to replace inner tubes with a liquid sealant. Stan’s system created a tire that sealed itself almost instantly when punctured, but that was only the beginning. With no inner tube, tires treated with Stan’s sealant offered more traction, more control, and more comfort. They also rolled faster. The performance advantages were tremendous, and soon racers at the highest levels of the sport were asking Stan to help them go tubeless.

Stan’s ability to solve problems and create innovative solutions was matched by co-founder Cindy Koziatek’s drive to develop the business and market those innovations. It was Cindy who realized the company needed a web site to help reach new customers and explain tubeless to more riders. At races and online, Stan and Cindy’s efforts to introduce more people to the concept helped establish modern tubeless systems.

Today, riders and racers around the world rely on the tubeless technology Stan developed, and our sealant has been honored as one of the most important innovations in the history of cycling. “The First Name in Tubeless” is more than just marketing to us. It’s who we are.

And we’re still leading the way.

Everything we learned about sealing conventional rims for tubeless use led us to develop our own line of rims and wheelsets. Featuring our patented Bead Socket Technology, our rims and complete wheelsets are regarded as the easiest and most reliable made. For over a decade, our products have set entirely new standards for performance, created completely new categories, and redefined what others thought was possible.

But we’re just getting started.

Our Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) Tool brings an entirely new level of tubeless repair to mountain, road, and gravel bikes. The DART is a quick and simple puncture repair insert that seals even large punctures and tire slices by physically filling the puncture while also reacting to Stan’s tubeless sealant, creating a nearly instant airtight bond. Unlike conventional plug tools, the DART does not require trimming and can be ridden instantly without interfering with tire performance and feel, even on smooth road tires.

Our line of ultralight, performance carbon rims and wheelsets was designed based on the ideas we learned from tubeless tires. To create a better carbon rim, we developed our Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology (RiACT), a special rim shape and special manufacturing process that absorbs vibration radially, while still being incredibly stiff laterally to resist twisting forces and improve handling.

We also continue to push the development of high-performance tubeless systems for road bikes, offering both carbon fiber and aluminum rims specially designed to handle the higher pressures of tubeless road tires.

Our newest asymmetric rim designs took years to develop, and bring Stan’s legendary ease of inflation and reliability to offset rims that allow for stronger overall wheel builds and in most cases a single spoke length for both front and rear wheels. By focusing on details like this, we continue to improve tubeless performance for all riders.

With almost eighteen years of constant evolution, Stan’s Sealant also continues to pull further and further away from the imitators. In 2016 we also introduced a second formula, capable of sealing even larger punctures.

Innovation will always be the driving force behind Stan’s NoTubes. Why?

Because we ride bikes. We ride bikes to test our designs, refine them, and then test some more. But mostly we ride bikes for the ideas. Every innovative product we’ve created has started out as an idea we had while out on a ride. There’s something about riding a bike that makes you want to go even further the next time, even faster. There’s something about riding a bike that makes you push the limits. That’s our inspiration.

Constantly looking forward, beyond those limits, that’s how we continue to build truly revolutionary products, products that aren’t just slightly better in one or two categories, but that raise the bar in every way. Our wheelsets and tubeless systems are lighter while being more reliable. They grip better for more control while rolling faster to help you push your own limits.

To us, true innovation means always looking beyond limitations. That’s how we develop our products, and that’s why we ride.



BRUNOX products have been around for over 40 years, the BRUNOX company history is characterized by the continuous development and research activities of the company founder of ENVIRO-CHEMIE AG CH-8733 Eschenbach SG.  In addition to his wastewater treatment plant construction company, he ran a chemical products department that was always his secret favorite.   In 1976 the BRUNOX rust converter emulsion was developed and launched on the market.  This product was of good quality, but it was not satisfactory in all respect, so that it was always further developed.

In 1985 the breakthrough came and Bruno Lieberherr Dipl. Chem., managing director and owner of ENVIRO-CHEMIE AG was able to present an absolute novelty, his first European patented product, the first rust stop and primer in one from thee handy spray can.  This was launched with the brand name BRUNOX epoxy.

In 1994, a joint-stock company was specifically for BRUNOX products, BRUNOX AG, based in CH-8733 Eschenbach SG.

In 1995 the product range was expanded with the preventive corrosion protection range, which includes the brands BRUNOX Turbo-Spray, BRUNOX LUB & COR and BRUNOX IX-100.

In 1996 BRUNOX Korrosionsschutz Gmbh was founded in DE-850001 Ingolstadt.

In 1999 The product range was supplemented with the BRUNOX Lubri-Food.

In the following years up to the present day, further products for the bicycle as well as for the weapon industry were introduced to the market.

Over the years, the BRUNOX products have established a permanent place in many companies because they convince with their quality.

Today, BRUNOX products are exported to over 50 countries and marketed by a very committed and customer-oriented team.